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If you are a hotel owner, management company, or hotel corporate executive responsible for delivering a strong bottom line to your hotel property, region or management company, you need to speak to us. If you derive any business at all from on-line travel agencies (OTA's), you may not be getting all the revenue due to you. 

We have good news for you. You may have unclaimed revenue currently sitting in your property management system that you have not claimed. If you don't claim it within 12 months, by contract, the OTA's will keep the revenue for themselves! Many owners and managers have long forgotten many of the details of their OTA contracts. They are either surprised to learn that they have unclaimed revenue in their property management system or even assume as some have told us, with confidence that they are on top of their game and do an excellent job in collecting revenue, after all they reason, that they have systems in place to catch this.

If you are that confident, let us say congratulations! HOWEVER, it is our experience that, we have found that not to be the case. EVERY hotel that we have completed an OTA audit, we have found unclaimed money and it many cases it has been significant. If not claimed, the revenue is simply lost to the hotel owner without them even seeing the loss. But a simple no cost audit performed by Internet Revenue Specialistswill tell you exactly what amount of unclaimed revenue is available to recoup, then let us go after it for you!

How does this happen you ask? It happens at several touch points in the booking and accounting process. It can happen when a reservation is properly moved from the OTA reservation system to the property management system. It happens most often at the front desk, typically upon check-in. In many cases, the front desk clerks are relatively new employees, most make minimum wage, they are expected to know so much, and turnover is always high. When the customer checks in the clerk sees a prepaid reservation and the clerk assumes all is well and does not transfer information to the property management system. If left unchecked by management or the night audit the money remains with the OTA.

There are a variety of other ways reservations do not get properly credited and they are usually in the form of a change in the reservation, arrival/departure date, etc. The bottom line is, the “financial loop” does not get closed, so the hotel does not get the money owed to them, leaving the money unclaimed so, the reservation sits there month after month until it eventually expires, undetected. The losers then are, the owners, the investors, the management company, and even bonused employees.

Since 2013, Internet Revenue Specialists,has excelled in helping our clients capture revenue such as this. An OTA audit performed by one of our auditors will help you recover this money. We do not charge a fee for this service up front. We simply ask for a fair commission on the amount we identify and recover on your behalf and the entire process takes as little as 7 to 15 days!

Think of it this way: It is not costing you since our fee is based on the amount recovered. We are recovering money that is destined to be lost forever. We are not costing you money, we are making you money! Sound too good to be true? Some think so; however, there is only one way to find out. Let us perform an audit for you, and you can decide!

We would love to help you!  Please feel free to contact us at our sales department at 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900. We look forward to hearing from you.