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If you are a hotel owner, represent a hospitality management company, or work as a hotel corporate executive responsible for delivering a strong bottom line to your hotel properties, you may need to speak to us soon. If you derive any business at all from on-line travel agencies (OTA's) such as Expedia, you are more than likely not be getting all the revenue due from them for your hotels. 

We have good news for you! Odds are very strong that you have unclaimed revenue currently sitting in the OTA reservation system that rightfully belongs to your property. Many owners and managers have long forgotten the details of their OTA contracts which state that if your hotel managers do not claim this revenue within 12 months, the OTA's are entitled to keep the revenue for themselves! Trust us it is in your contracts and they feel no obligation to remind you!

Through one of our partner companies, Revenue Recovery Specialists, we specialize in recovering this money for you. You will find a complete explaination of how this works by reviewing our website, RevenueRecoverySpecialists.com. We also provide a follow up "Report Card Analysis" that when implemented, will increase your properties visibility and page ranking and thus more revenue!. 

How does this happen you ask? It happens at several touch points in the booking, check-in and accounting process. It can happen when a reservation is not properly moved from the OTA reservation system to the property management system. It happens most often at the front desk, typically upon check-in. In many cases, the front desk clerks are relatively new employees, most make little more than minimum wage, they are expected to know so much, and turnover is always high. When the customer checks in the desk clerk sees a prepaid reservation, assumes all is well with payment information. At that point they usually take a credit card imprint for incidentals and proceed with the check-in process. The payment information does not get transferred to the property management system. When left unchecked by management or the night audit the money remains with the OTA who keeps it after 12 months.

Managers are often surprised to hear of this or can’t believe this is true. Some have told us, with utmost confidence that their company is “on top of their game” and do an excellent job in collecting revenue, after all they reason, that they have systems in place to catch this. Once they see the results of our audits, these same people often become our best clients!

If you are that confident, let us say to you, congratulations! HOWEVER, it is our experience that, this is often not to be the case. EVERY hotel that we have performed an OTA audit, we have found unclaimed money (without exception) and it many cases it has been significant. There is no reason not to try to recovery this money, it belongs to your property. Ask RevenueRecoverySpecialists.com. to perform a “no cost audit” for you. We will tell you exactly what amount of revenue that can be recovered, then let us go get it for you!

An OTA audit performed by one of our experienced auditors will help you recover this money but beware, there are imposters who say they can help you. We are totally different. Unlike other companies, who will perform an audit, lead you to believe that all money is collectable, end you an invoice and a set of instructions on how to recover the money. The results is that the hotel representative is frustrated, does not have the time to give it their full attention so the money does not get collected. Our clients can tell you who they are!

We too will perform an audit! We to will provide you with the amount of revenue in question. We will then facilitate the process with your representative of collecting this money. Once they are finished we will go to bat for them with the OTA to make sure all money is collected! We do not charge an upfront fee for this service. We simply ask for a fair commission on the amount we identify and recover on your behalf and the entire process takes as little as 7 to 15 days!

Think of it this way: It is not costing you any unbudgeted expense, we are recovering money that is destined to be lost forever. Since our fee is based on the amount of money recovered, we will be working hard for you. We are not costing you money, we are making you money! Sound too good to be true? There is only one way to find out. Let us perform an audit for you, and you can decide!

We would love to help you!  Please feel free to contact us at our sales department at 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900. We look forward to hearing from you.