"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

People at a hotel counterOne of the most exciting businesses Internet Revenue Specialists offers is our travel portal and website, the FavoriteHotelsCollection.com  where we invite you to “Stay in one of the World’s Favorite Hotels.”

Being involved in the travel industry for many, many years, we realize the value of having a trusted responsive website to book travel. True to our name, we search for hotels who consistently score high marks for customer service from customers like yourself and the travel industry's most credible sources and offer them as first choice in selecting accommodations in your destination.

Through the FavoriteHotelsCollection.com, customers may choose their hotel stay based on their individual preferences through the "Priceline Partner Network, the largest hotel inventory in the world. Through the FavoriteHotelsCollection.com booking engine, you have access to more than 200,000 deeply discounted hotels rooms in more than 12,000 destinations worldwide. You may also book your airfare, car rentals and packages through our “one stop shop.” experience and access some of the most competitive rates in the industry. 

In partnership with a full-service "Seller of Travel," we also offer aggressively priced "Hot Deals" and “Special Limited Time Offers” through various industry partners to encourage you to give their properties a "try." These deals come in the form of deeply discounted rates, upgrade offers and are usually limited in time and inventory. 

We always get asked the question, “Does the FavoriteHotelsCollection.com have the best rates?” Our answer is “Maybe” and “Maybe Not.” We are not trying to be flippant just honest. The answer is, our rates are competitively priced in each market within a dollar or two but controlled primarily by the way OTA's do business and compete with each other. As experienced hoteliers, we understand how OTA’s work. ALL hotels who want to do business with an OTA, must offer each OTA the same rates or they are subject to being dropped in the "sort order" or excluded all together in their listings. Hoteliers realize that having their hotels listed on the top of the first page of the OTA's website, is worth thousands of dollars in potential sales. Hoteliers then, work aggressively to keep their properties listed high in the sort order.

Caution: Don’t be fooled by misleading TV ads, whereby the advertisement is touting how wonderful their pricing is as compared to some "mysterious" other websites. Understand, the ads are not making honest  comparisons, but employe a healthy dose of "smoke & mirrors" to get your attention. Make sure you look at teh ad quickly, especially since you are unable to see all the offers listed and if you can see them, more than likely you have never heard of them. Would it surprise you to know that most of these offers are business units of the ownership group of the same OTA! We are always more than happy to explain to you how this works.

Through the FavoriteHotelsCollection.com, website we offer our nonprofit partners the opportunity to use the website and earn money for their organization by using a unique link specific to the organization. It’s a very simple concept: we create a link for the organization and we provide a host of ideas on how to use the link. The organization promotes the link to their organization through their ongoing normal communications channels. When our system sees the booking, we take note and send a monthly check to the organization based on 50% of our commission of the stay following the person's month of departure.

The reason it works is that the organization does not ask for more money, they just ask the members to redirect their travel dollars and we do the rest.

Please contact us or call us at 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900 or visit the Q&A link on our website: http://favoritehotelscollection.com/travel-affiliates/hotel-affiliate-program.html

We will be happy to explain in much further detail.