"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Every aspect of building, maintaining and marketing a website is an exact science. Computers talk to each other in code that requires exact language on the part of both the sending computer and the receiving computer. Website code is no different. From the coding written into your template, to the coding added by your webmaster to your website itself, everything that goes into your website must be exact or your website simply will not function.

Website copy must be exact and detailed so that your website can be found by potential clients all over the world.. Your web presence and message on the world wide web then must be communicated clearly, concisely and to the point. And importantly, your copy must contain relevancy to your URL,with appropriate key word density to help your customer find your website among the millions of websites and the billions of pages currently on the web.

As Google indexes your pages, they must go through what we call Google’s “scratch & sniff test,” meaning, it must meet Googles requirements that constitutes a good website, and there are many.

At Internet Revenue Specialists, it is our job to know and understand how all the coding, the copy, the languages and a host of other requirements all come together to deliver a dynamic web presence for our clients.  For that, we claim to be quite good at it and look forward to speaking to you about your internet needs..