"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Coding on a laptopIf you don't know us, or perhaps have never heard of us, please allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you what we do!

We are Internet Revenue Specialists, and we are part of a much larger marketing organization, the Revenue Specialists Group. We are "specialists" at developing revenue through internet initiatives and campaigns Some have pointed out that we share the same initials with a much bigger and better-known company, the IRS! Ok, we see the connection but, we couldn't think of a name that describes what we do any better! Sorry about the initials, perhaps they can change theirs! If it will help you remember us as IRS, that's fine as long as you remember that our goals are much different than theirs. Our goals are to help our clients to make more money but keep more of the money they make!  

At Internet Revenue Specialists, our focus is to create and manage digital marketing programs for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our pledge to our clients is to help them discover new and out of the box revenue streams. Our services are offered on a consultative basis with Internet Revenue Specialists, taking the lead on all initiatives or by offering our services as a “White Label” service through agencies and third-party partnerships.

At the core of what Internet Revenue Specialists, does is to make sure our clients have the tools to help them compete effectively on the world wide web with a dynamic, revenue producing website. Yet we find that many of our customers invest little in their website leaving it to a close friend or family member to build! In addition, after the initial build, they reserve very little money to market the website in a meaningful way. Most small business owners do not understand how truly competitive web marketing is and the many nuances of positioning themselves to compete effectively. Many simply do not have the time to run an effective E-Commerce Campaign. They are busy running their own businesses, so they look to us to fill this need. 

We help our clients understand that without an effective E-Commerce strategy the chances of their business being discovered on the web using their own efforts are quite slim. At the heart of this is creating and marketing a professional, revenue producing website. With over 3.5 billion searches per day the chance that their website being seen at all without professional help is very small.

At Internet Revenue Specialist we believe that a website should be your primary revenue producing tool for your organization or business. It also makes a statement about your business and provides potential customers with a "first impression" of your business or organization. If your website looks “thrown together,” appears dated, contains irrelevant and/or expired content and does nothing to capture one's attention, you are in trouble and run the risk of seeing a decline in market share or you may eventually be out of business.

However, if your website looks clean, professionally done, is filled with relevant content and meets all of Google's requirements for good websites (and properly SEO’ed), you may have a great tool to drive revenue to your business in a profitable way. We are detailed, professional, knowledgable, responsive to hacks and practice only approved Google "White Tactics." For a more thourough statement of these sercices check out this links!






If you are unhappy with your website in any way, it might be worth having a conversation with us. Please call us at 407-915-3700 for a no obligation discussion regarding your website’s performance. If you still need a little more information before making the call, please feel free to click any of the links above. Also, it might even be fun to take our Internet Quiz while on the site!

Another mistake small business owner’s make is that many do not invest properly in hosting. They typically find a host provider with the cheapest monthly fee and trust that provider will do all they can to protect their investment. We steer our clients away from those providers as far as possible.

Internet Revenue Specialists provides complete hosting services with 24/7 coverage, that includes automatic website upgrades, “un-hacking” and many other services. As part of our service, we perform an automatic audit of each Joomla or Word Press website to identify vulnerabilities and make proactive corrections as soon as they are identified. This Service is either NOT available or extremely rare with most other hosting organizations.

For a more information on our recommended hosting services we would like to speak to you. Please feel free to call at 407-915-3700 and we will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime, it might even be fun to take our Internet Quiz


Internet Revenue Specialists helps the nonprofit community. We create and manage cost effective Google Ads campaigns for qualified nonprofit organizations. Many do not know that Google has designed an advertising program to help market their organization. The program works this way: Google provides up to $10,000 for month in advertising credits to help qualified 501-c-3 organizations get their message to thousands of potential new customers who may be interested in the organization’s cause.

Those few organizations who do know about the program are simply not qualified to maintain the program resulting in campaign suspensions due to inactivity. Internet Revenue Specialists team members are well qualified to run those campaigns for our nonprofit client organizations. 

For a complete description of the service, click this link. https://irsinternet.com/what-we-do/nonprofits/google-adgrants

Internet Revenue Specialists also raises funds for nonprofit organizations by providing “out of the box” opportunities to find and raise much needed funds. These include creating Sweepstakes, Raffles and Travel Links to name a few. For more information on any of these, please click the following link. https://irsinternet.com/what-we-do/nonprofits/fhc-travel-links.html

Please feel free to contact us by phone 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900. We look forward to speaking to you soon!