"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

When did everyone become an expert at building websites? Why are people so emotionally attached to them when a lot of such websites don't represent the organization that is was designed to represent? Do you know how many times we have been in discussions with potential clients who have told us a spouse, a teenager, a distant cousin or volunteer has built their website? Our favorite response is, "My spouse built our current website site and we will need to run it by him/her before we make any changes? The answer is too many to count!

Our question is this, "When did spouses, teenagers, distant cousins, volunteers and a bunch of other "so called experts" become web development professionals with little to no training? And what’s with the emotional attachment to a crappy website? It's time to get serious.

In our experience we can tell you that the internet is a fluid environment that is ever changing and difficult to keep up with. Is your relying on individuals with no training really the direction you want to take your company? How can you believe these individuals can possibly keep up with your growing company? The answer is they can’t. They mean well but most small to medium companies, get inundated with daily crises to the point that internet commerce often gets brought to a standstill. Better yet why would you trust your family business or nonprofit organization to an amateur? That makes no sense!

Nonprofits get hurt by this the most. They typically get a “volunteer” to do their website only to find that after a brief time the volunteer has moved on or lost interest in the project altogether. Worse yet, no one is around to update the website so the organization is left with a non-functioning website that most professional developers won’t touch because it is filled with mistakes and outdted code. Most of the time, it is less expensive to just start over.

Do yourself a favor, before you do anything, talk to us at Internet Revenue Specialists, we will give you an honest evaluation of your situation and provide you with expert feedback, weather you choose our services or not.