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In the past people who managed small to medium size businesses never worried about their websites being hacked. Boy, have times changed! The question is no longer what happens IF your website gets hacked, the question now is what happens WHEN your website gets hacked? Believe us when we say, your website will get hacked, if it has not happened already!

Hacking occurs when a computer user gets inside a target computer system by exploiting vulnerabilities. Some “Hackers” have been perceived as “good guys” who simply like to push the boundaries of knowledge and they really mean no harm. “Crackers,” on the other hand, do. "Crackers," are knowledgeble computer geeks who cover an entire spectrum of users beginning with those who simply go beyond what they are normally authorized to do, sometimes just to show what they can do, but there are many whose reasons involve criminal intent and involve some of the biggest names of companies and organizations in the world.

The bottom line though is this. No one has the right to have access to your computer except you and those authorized to do so for any reason. At Internet Revenue Specialist we make a determined effort to protect our client’s websites that employ our hosting services.

This protection is provided in at least two ways:

  1. As of 2017, all Joomla and Word Press websites we host are now provided with 24/7 monitoring that includes an automatic weekly audit of each site to reveal vulnerabilities. As these are identified, by us, they are fixed by our team immediately, heading off serious issues for our clients.
  2. In the event of a hack, we fix those hacks for our clients, unless it involves a catastrophic “hack” that is out of our control. We then assist our clients to find creative solutions to have these fixed.

Most all hosting providers DO NOT provide these services as inclusions.