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Don’t you just love watching television commercials that promise you that you can build your own website in under an hour with their point and click program? Don’t we all wish it was that easy! These ads are designed to appeal to the masses of people who are intriged at the thought of building their own website. They then, look to "do it yourself" builders for help, believing that the project cannot be that difficult.

The three top questions people have when wanting to build their own website as cheaply as possible are these:

  1. What is the best website builder?
  2. How do I design a website?
  3. How do I choose a website?

You have seen many of the do it yourself builders. The top “build your own website” includes; wix.com, web.com and sitebuilder.com. They all typically offer a wide range of templates, tutorials to build the site yourself, a “SEO package,” and some drag & drop features. Individuals who want create an online store often turn to Big Commerce, GoDaddy, weebly, hibu and SITE123. These typically offer a shopping cart, a payment gateway, hosting, free and limited plugins, some offer limited analytics and design enhancement.

All of these will work to some degree if your requirements are limited and you have a local brick and mortar store serving a local market; however, most do not. Conducting ecommerce in real time presents its own set of challenges, such as; What kind of service will you get after the website is launched? How will or can the website expand with your companies growth?

Most importantly what happens when you get "hacked" or your site stops working? What is it going to cost to get back on line? And what is the turnaround time when you are only one of thousands of other customers? How difficult will it be to get a human being on the phone to help you. The answer is easy. It will be tough.

If some of this leaves you apprehensive, perhaps it is time to speak to Internet Revenue Specialists.