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At Internet Revenue Specialists, we try to help the nonprofit community. One of the biggest missed opportunities for many nonprofit organizations is with no participation the Google Ads Grants program. This program, created specifically by Google, to help nonprofit organizations promote their organization is simply not being used by many organizations who are qualified and would benefit greatly. Either they don't know about it or have not seen the benefit of using it.

We create and manage cost effective Google Ads campaigns for qualified nonprofit organizations. The program works this way: Google provides up to $10,000 for month in advertising credits to help qualified 501-c-3 organizations get their message to thousands of potential new customers who may be interested in the organization’s cause.

Those few organizations who do know about the program are simply not qualified to maintain the program resulting in campaign suspensions due to inactivity. Internet Revenue Specialists team members are well qualified to run those campaigns for our nonprofit client organizations. 

We highly encourage all qualified nonprofit organizations to participate in the program. Although the program is simple, effective with substantial ROI, there are hoops to jump through to get started. In addition, Google is constantly enhancing the program that makes it a bit of a challenge to keep up with, but we are qualified to do that for you.

The question is, "Can you set it up the program yourself?" The short answer is 'Yes" BUT, even though you can set it up yourself, chances are that you will not and cannot dedicate the time or resources to manage the campaigns or to keep up with Google’s ever-changing frequirements. If you don't manage the program, Google will eventually drop you from the program. That's why you need Internet Revenue Specialists to manage it for you.

The basics of the program is this; Google, the number one search engine in the world, provides up to $10,000 per month in advertising credits for nonprofit organizations to use to promote their organization. In other words, there is up to $120,000 annually in advertising credits availible through Google Ads Grants to be claimed by your organization.

We believe many organizations either do not know about the program, wrongly assume they can manage the program with untrained volunteers or are simply intimitaded by the entire process. That's where we come in. The campaign managers at Internet Revenue Specialists, are qualified to set up the campaign, create the text advertisments required and provide overall cost effective management of the entire campaign for you. Each month you will be provided a progress report. 

The program works this way:

Who would not jump at the chance to be granted a $10,000 monthly advertising budget at minimum investment for your organization. What organization could not benefit from an additional $120,000 per year in advertising to increase its business? Google Ads Grants for nonprofits does just that if your organization is a qualified 501-c-3. At Internet Revenue Specialists, we are experts in providing management of Google AdWords campaigns for qualified nonprofit organizations at a monthly minimal management fee.

A Google Ads Grant is the nonprofit edition of a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. It is Google’s online advertising tool that provides up to $10,000 a month in advertising credits to qualified charitable organizations to help them promote their mission and initiatives on Google.com, the world’s most popular search engine. A Google AdWords Grant campaign addresses the #1 problem that most nonprofit organizations have, getting their message out and growing their database in the face of fierce competition for financial support.

Setting up a pay per click campaign on Google Ads, is not hard, but requires quite a few steps and attention to detail that most directors would as soon avoid. With all the other demands of the organization, running an effective campaign gets lost in the shuffle of everyday business demands and fails within a few months of launch. That’s where Internet Revenue Specialists excels.

"Go it Alone," Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail for at Least Two Reasons:

  • Organizations do not have the time to dedicate to managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and,
  • They soon realize that to truly manage a PPC campaign effectively, they do not have a level of understanding required to keep up with ever changing online advertising requirements.

Internet Revenue Specialists Solves that Issue for You!

  • Internet Revenue Specialists are experts in Google Ads campaign management. We have run successful campaigns using various sized budgets and across industries using accepted "white hat" tactics. Our campaigns are not "fad related" but are industry specific designed for long term growth.
  • Our Ads management service is complete. From strategy to execution with ongoing testing and optimization allowing you to spend time and energy focusing on all the other aspects of running your business, knowing that your campaigns are in good hands.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists account managers are trained to know and understand all of Google’s qualification guidelines (and there are many).
  • Internet Revenue Specialists account managers are expected to provide human intelligence and intuition on all client ad campaigns that exceeds suggested Adwords produced by a computer program.

We will run your campaigns for you, each step of the way. 

  • Internet Revenue Specialists will walk you through the registration process with Google’s vendor and guide you through Google’s requirements. All we need is for you to grant us administrative access to help set up your account.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will work with you to determine “keywords” for submission and acceptance by Google.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will build out up to 10 text ads and submit for Google’s approval based on your mission and goals.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will ensure ads and keywords are mission based and appropriate.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will review your website to determine if your copy supports a successful campaign.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will monitor performance and adjust for best ranking.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will maintain Google Ads Grants eligibility requirements.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will maximize the utilization of your Google Ads Grant.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will respond to GooglefFor nonprofit emails on your behalf.
  • Internet Revenue Specialists will submit a monthly review and roll up of account activity.

There is NO better advertising campaign of any kind that produces such a strong ROI than a properly managed Google AdWords campaign. For a discussion of how a Google AdWords Grant can provide you with $120,000 worth of advertising, please call us at 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900 or contact us through our website and we will return your contact promptly. 

We are believers in the program and look forward to speaking to you!