"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Analyzing internet trafficThere is so much more to creating and maintaining an Internet presence than most people realize. Many peole make the mistake of taking too casual of an approach of creating and promoting their website. Some believe wrongfully, that the asnwer to an internet presence can be found in an advertiesed "create your own website in a few easy steps" only to disciver later that when they built if and "no one came" to their site. Some advertisements call for your "building your own website in less than one hour!" And still others, get sold a package from developers that uses all their budget in trying to make a beautiful site, but leave no marketing dollars to promote the site, again resulting in no traffic.

Many have no idea of the tremendous competition for your attention in the internet world. Theri view is that if you "throw up a website" peoper will naturally see it and all will be well. Nothing is further from the truth. Before you set out to create a website, and to get a sense of what you might be up against, please take our short Internet Quiz and see how well you stack up against future competition. 

If the quiz leaves you a bit uncertain, then perhaps it is time to discuss an Internet strategy that makes sense, that will grow your company and that will protect you from the constant “hacking attacks” that you will have to deal with eventually. 

Please contact us or call us at 407-915-3700 of by cell 407-284-0900 to have a no cost or obligation discussion on your part. We look forward to speaking with you.