"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Farmers marketWe support businesses through aggressive internet advertising campaigns.

At Internet Revenue Specialists you might say that some of the things we do is not exciting, it does not make our clients jump and down with joy nor does it have any wow factor that we can see. To be honest, what we do is downright tedious! In fact, everything we do happens entirely “behind the scenes.” But what is exciting, what makes our clients happy and creates a wow factor is the results our clients see. And what they see is much more traffic to their website, new customers, more customer engagement and more sales! At Internet Revenue Specialists, we simply help our clients make more money by driving more visits to our client’s website.

Like most of our clients we too operate a "small business" and we understand the issues involved in growing a business. But today’s business paradigm has changed. Today’s consumer is savvy and demanding. He/she expects to be able to do business with you on the internet at prices he/she is willing to pay. If not, he /she will simply move to another company who will.

Picture yourself driving down any major highway in the United States at any given time. Very quickly you will see billboard after billboard vying for your attention. Some are totally obnoxious and can even be irritating! Television is no better. At least half of your favorite shows are filled with repetitive commercials, all screaming for your attention. Both billboards and television advertising have been around a long time and are here to stay. Both are outrageously expensive and unaffordable for the small or local business owner. As a small business owner, you do not have the financial means to compete, but compete you must, or go out of business.

With the help of the Internet Revenue Specialists, we will be your "billboard" on the information superhighway and help you grow your business in a cost effective and profitable way. We will turn your website into a “billboard” for you on the information superhighway. We will create specific advertising campaigns to drive new visits and more visits to your website. As a result, you will see many more visits to your site, more sales and will see your business grow.  

Now that IS exciting. That DOES make our clients jump and down with joy. And yes, that DOES create a “wow factor for them!”

Please contact us or call us at 407-915-3700 or by cell 407-284-0900 to have a no cost or obligation discussion on your part. We look forward to speaking with you.