"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Analyzing internet trafficThere is so much more to creating and maintaining an Internet presence than most people realize. Many peole make the mistake of taking too casual of an approach of creating and promoting their website. Some believe wrongfully, that the asnwer to an internet presence can be found in an advertiesed "create your own website in a few easy steps" only to disciver later that when they built if and "no one came" to their site. Some advertisements call for your "building your own website in less than one hour!" And still others, get sold a package from developers that uses all their budget in trying to make a beautiful site, but leave no marketing dollars to promote the site, again resulting in no traffic.

People volunteeringGoogle Ads Grants

At Internet Revenue Specialists, we try to help the nonprofit community. One of the biggest missed opportunities for many nonprofit organizations is with no participation the Google Ads Grants program. This program, created specifically by Google, to help nonprofit organizations promote their organization is simply not being used by many organizations who are qualified and would benefit greatly. Either they don't know about it or have not seen the benefit of using it.

We create and manage cost effective Google Ads campaigns for qualified nonprofit organizations. The program works this way: Google provides up to $10,000 for month in advertising credits to help qualified 501-c-3 organizations get their message to thousands of potential new customers who may be interested in the organization’s cause.

Those few organizations who do know about the program are simply not qualified to maintain the program resulting in campaign suspensions due to inactivity. Internet Revenue Specialists team members are well qualified to run those campaigns for our nonprofit client organizations.