"Earning Your Trust through Our Performance"

Coding on a laptopIf you don't know us, or perhaps have never heard of us, please allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you what we do!

Our company is Internet Revenue Specialists, and what we do is in our name. We are experts at producing revenue through the internet Some have pointed out that we share the same initials with a much bigger and better-known company, the IRS! Ok, we see the comparison but, we couldn't think of a name that describes what we do any better! Sorry about the initials, perhaps they can change theirs!

If it will help you remember us as IRS, that's fine as long as you remember that our goals are much different than theirs. Our goals are to help our clients to make more money, but keep more of the money they make!  Our specialty then, is to help our clients grow revenue through various e-commerce and internet initiatives.

Internet Revenue Specialists has a varied client base that serves primarily the travel and hospitality industries, nonprofit organizations, small and medium business and incentive redemption companies. For the travel and hospitality industry, we provide "task force" assistance in the form of experienced personal for our hotel and resort clients. Whenever there is an opening in the sales, marketing or revenue departments, due to turnover, the hotel begins to lose money in the form of lost sales. The longer the positions remain open, the more it will cost the hotel in potential lost revenue. Our task force individuals fills these openings to give the properties time to hire qualified replacements.

For hotels and resorts we also perform revenue audits of On-line Travel Agencies or (OTA's). Because of the way this business is transacted, many times the revenue does not get credited properly to the hotels Property Management System (PMS), often leaving substantial revenue dollars unclaimed. If unclaimed, within twelve months, it will never be collected. Internet Revenue Specialists can audit these OTA's and recover the revenue the hotel is due. It requires jumping through some hoops, a service we gladly perform for our clients!

We also do business as WebVisitStore.com in which we create and implement client specific, digital advertising campaigns to drive new visits and potential customers to our client's proprietary websites i.e., their stores. We can generate new potential clients through an aggressive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that most often pays for itself. Through WebVisitStore.com, we also create and manage Google AdWords Grants campaigns for our nonprofit clients and our managers typically max out the monthly credits of $10,000 per month while reducing the per click cost to mere pennies. There is no advertising available on earth, with such ROI performance.

Our flagship website, FavoriteHotelsCollection.com is our primary source of business for both business and leisure travel. Together with the Priceline Partner Network┬«, we provide an easy fundraising opportunity by creating unique travel links for client organizations to use to raise passive income without asking their donor base for more donations. Clients are provided their own link unique to ther own organization. Whenever one of their members or supporters use the link we priovide, the organizations earn 50% of our hotel rooms commission in the form of a monthly check from Internet Revenue Specialists.

During the first quarter, 2018, we are introducing our newest initiative, PhoenixRedemptions.com. We will be creating numerous programs and offers to help our clients raise funds through various travel initiatives. We will have much more to say later as these roll out.

Please feel free to contact us by phone 407-284-0900 or by cell 407-284-0900. We look forward to speaking to you soon!